Hi, I'm Stephan!

I believe that simple ideas are the best resource for growth.

In this age of information you have access to unlimited ideas and opinions through social media posts and search results that are all about someone else's success. The big problem you're facing is that access to so much obscure information about everyone else's success makes your personal success hard to define, hard to plan out, and hard to achieve.

You fight for clarity as you spend thousands on an online course you saw advertised on YouTube, scroll endlessly through Instagram posts, binge podcasts for a month, or try to take some other imaginary magic pill only to find that all that information was too complex, made you feel like a failure, and - worst of all - it exhausted you into not trying anymore.


Now you're three months into the future and nothing has changed. You decide it's easier to just stay stuck where you are than to try - because you know you'll fail.


It's time to cut through the complexity and define and cultivate your own success - both personally and organizationally.

I help you do this by offering simple ideas that help you and your organization grow. Whether through coaching sessions with your team, or a one-time special engagement, I believe in bringing simple ideas that help you take your next step toward success.