Growth Is Simple: Part 1

Growth Is Simple...No, Really.

When you think of growth what comes to mind? Of course, the obvious plant sprouting out of the soil, right? But, what does growth look like for you personally? Maybe you wish your confidence would grow. Maybe you need your discipline to grow. Maybe you’re a business owner who needs profits to grow. Maybe you’re a pastor who wants the spiritual health of your congregation to grow.

Whatever growth means to you in this season, there’s one thing that you need to know.

Growth is simple.

Starting with this post, I want to walk you through a journey all about how to experience simple growth.

I’m an information sponge. I love learning new things. Every morning I wake up, go to the gym, and turn on my noise-canceling headphones so I can learn from another podcast. And while it energizes me to be learning so much, so often, it’s also been my downfall.

We live in the platinum age of information. I can open ten browser tabs and have a different subject matter to learn about on each tab. I can download a podcast about almost anything. I can search for a YouTube video that will teach me how to make homemade butter in a mason jar. No joke. Look it up.

While information accessibility can be a blessing, it can also lead to decision fatigue. This is the result of becoming so overloaded with choices from the information you have access to, that your brain purposely gives up on making any decision and instead directs you to do something that brings you some semblance of comfort.

For me, that’s going to watch The Office and eating chocolate chip cookies. That quickly leads to growth, but in the wrong way.

Several years ago, I was at an incredibly unhealthy weight. Watching The Office and eating chocolate chip cookies every day will do that to you. I did what anyone in my position would do. I went to the internet for the best ways to lose weight. Dieting, exercise, gizmos, gadgets, cooking equipment, workout equipment, weightlifting, cardio, HIIT, meditation, hypnosis…these are just a few of the things that were offered to me as the best choices to lose weight. Since I hadn’t been doing any of those, and I couldn’t figure out what the best option was, I just went back to watching The Office and eating chocolate chip cookies.

Then, one day at work, my friend (who was in incredible shape) brought up his views on losing weight. His exact words were – and I quote – Just pick something, Stephan.

Pick something!? Didn’t he know the drama of evaluating each and every choice over and over until realizing nothing will ever work and I should just give up???

Actually, yes. He did know it. He had done some personal fitness training, and he said the biggest obstacle to losing weight is just picking one thing that you will do right – right now.

And, with an invitation from him, I spent several weeks at his house after work simply lifting weights. Don’t misunderstand. I wasn’t Mr. Olympia. My bench press was about 20 pounds to start out. But, slowly, over time, I began to lose a little weight and gain a little strength. Now, I deadlift 300 pounds and bench 450….just kidding.

Here’s what happened. My friend gave me one simple idea to start with. That simple idea was start with one weight loss tool and stick with it. As your capacity grows, you can add another tool. And, that’s what I did. Eventually, I started doing a cardio routine. And then, I started adding supplements to my diet like protein shakes. And, every time I start to get off track, I go back to that simple idea: just pick something and do it right – right now.

Growth is simple. It’s all about taking one simple idea at a time and doing it right – right now.

Over the next seven weeks I’m going to guide you through one simple idea each week to help you grow. No more information overload. No more decision fatigue. Just simple ideas that will help you grow.

Growth isn’t complicated. Growth is possible. And, most importantly, growth is simple.


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