Growth Is Simple: Part 8

We've finally made it to the last blog post of the Growth Is Simple series!

So, do you know what we're going to do now?



As a visionary, and someone who likes to see growth, I know how easy it is to get so focused on what's next that you forget to stop to celebrate what's now.

So that is your final simple idea in this series. Stop to celebrate!

I don't mean just now. I mean every step of the way. Let's recap the series.

You planned out your steps to growth: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You know the seed you need: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You checked your soil: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You let the wrong things die so the right things can grow: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You stopped comparing yourself: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You discovered and pulled some weeds out: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You chose growth in this season even when you didn't think it was possible: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You stopped to celebrate: STOP TO CELEBRATE!

You will always do more of what you intentionally celebrate.

If you paid off a credit card, save up some cash and treat your family to a nice dinner.

If you got that promotion after months of hard work, get a hotel for the night.

If you went the full day without giving into that bad habit, celebrate with a friend.

Don't wait until you see the complete harvest to celebrate. Celebrate with every matter how small it may seem.


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