My First Blog Post Is About Why I Don't Have More Blog Posts...

On January 23, 2021, I was excited to announce the launch of this website. I had gone through a thousand ideas months prior as to what it would be, and finally received the inspiration to make it all about helping people become the hero of their story.

Instagram was ablaze 🔥🔥🔥 when word got out! 20 most interested followers were excited for me. But, I planned it out like this was a worldwide rollout. Each week I had prioritized another aspect of the website.

Week 1: Outline website's homepage and verbiage.

Week 2: Build website homepage with finalized verbiage/Send emails with info on website.

Week 3: Write blog posts and outlines for Resources section/Send emails with even more info on website.

Week 4: Film Hero Masterclass, Money Matters, and 6th Day Startup online courses/Send emails with EVEN MORE info on website.

February 23: Launch full website! Celebrate!!!!

Then, unforeseen circumstances hit us.

During week 2, our youngest came down with an ear infection and filled the house with screams. At the beginning of week 3, we kept her home (she's a two-parent required kind of kid right now) and did nothing but scream for a few days. My wife and I both needed to work, but it was a losing battle. Then, we got notice the day before she was going back that her classroom was being shut down because a child had tested positive for Covid.

A few minutes later we were asked to pickup our oldest daughter from daycare because her classroom had a child who tested positive for Covid as well. According to state guidelines, both classes would need to remain closed for a week.

Then, February 14, 2021, brought about the end of days in Texas. Snow that we thought we all wanted turned into below zero temperatures, millions of people losing power for days, water pipes freezing and bursting, grocery stores shutting down, and water supplies being shut off to several cities. At the time of writing this, that was just a few days ago.

And, of course, daycare was still closed.

I have less than a week for this website to officially launch on February 23, 2021. And, guess what? It won't be completed as planned. Not even close. In fact, it will be a much slower rollout than I planned.

Not just because of all the effects from the winter storm, but because daycare is closed.

This means my daughters are home with my wife and me. Stuck inside like everyone else. And if I spent 12 hours a day the last two weeks writing blog posts, filming videos, editing content, and combing through every inch of this site to make sure it was perfect for my 20 most interested followers to see on launch day, I'd miss out on snowball fights, snow angels, imaginary castles, pretending to be all kinds of animals, and lots of hugs, kisses, snuggles, and cuddles.

My first blog post is about why I don't have more blog posts. The reason is simple. I'm a husband and a dad. And, before I can show you how to become the hero of your story, I have to be the hero of my own.


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