Why You Need the 8, 9, 10

Every night at 7:30pm, I take my four year old to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Depending on how many distractions she notices - the lint in the corner of the bathroom, the color of my shirt, the imaginary pain she has in her pinky - this can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

But, at 8pm, everything changes.

While my wife puts our newborn to bed, I take our older daughter to our bed, turn on her newest, favorite cartoon, and we snuggle through a couple of episodes. It's our bonding time. I anticipate the random questions she'll ask me. Everything from, "Daddy, why do you go to the gym?" to "Daddy, did you know we can't see Jesus and we can't see germs?"

The other thing that happens at 8pm, is the Do Not Disturb setting on my phone turns on. I don't receive any notifications from apps. At 9pm, the Screen Time setting kicks on and every app except for a choice one or two are completely blocked. At 10pm, I'm working on falling asleep.

Cue the next day...

At 8am, the blocked apps become unblocked. At 9am, the Do Not Disturb turns off and I can receive notifications. At 10am, I'll start responding to texts and emails.

I call this my 8, 9, 10. For you it could be the 9, 10, 11; or the 7, 8, 9; or, simply the 8.

It's not really the time that matters. It's why you do it. For me, I have a scheduled time to disconnect, so I can then connect. I need to connect with my family and my rest in the evening. I need to connect with God and my health in the morning. That means I have to disconnect from other people and things that I'm too easily connected to because of the device I own.

What do you need to disconnect from daily, so you can connect to what will offer you lasting health and growth? I know there is usually a list of things that comes up before your device, but I'll just help you out now...it's probably your device.

Go create your personal 8, 9, 10. Disconnect so you can connect. Make it a lifestyle. It's worth it.


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